Great Article from our collaborators and contacts @TheZineUK – further evidence of Traitors Gate on the Rise! ….Caffy has spoken, read on:

“It speaks volumes that ITV’s The Voice is holding it’s auditions for 2017 on Broadway…

…Traitors Gate, 42 Broadway, Grays, Thurrock – that is (and that TheZineUK fell in love with The Voice 2016’s Jordan Gray via the nod from Golden Cage Media in 2015, or that Blush, already being hailed by the national media this year, were discovered by one of the UK’s key label scouts there, in December. This venue is home to one of the UK’s key promoters/connectors for the new South By South East circuit.

Thursday 9th, 16th and 23rd June 2016 are dates to mark in your diary if you would like to (1) Play on the busking stage of a festival (2) Get connected to the promoters and venues on the aforementioned circuit and (3) have a great time in one of Essex’s key, intimate, free entry to future making, spaces. Pre gig natter, confirmed bill updates etc at The Facebook Event -Shows begin 8pm – To perform please email ASAP; click here. Tell your talented, entertaining and star potential friends. Bring your crowd to support you / make an impression.

In fact, let Golden Media head honcho, and tech star in his own right, Ian Hurd, tell more;

“It was a balmy summer eve when Traitors Gate owner and hot-shot promotion machine, Golden Cage Media, made the decision to embark on a quest to create a wholly different breed of music venue – one that paid emerging music artists to play their original music ,whilst making it free to the public to come and see the potential cultural icons of tomorrow (without having to dish out the dosh to go to London town to catch the wave of new music from our own shores). Since then, there’s been up’s and down’s but some major players and successes. The creation of the Last Stop and First Stop (of the Oyster Line) festivals helped showcase the best emerging local talent in one place and this March the venue was on fire to the beat of Nova Twins, who hail in part from Grays, as it happens, and, at time of writing are about to hit The Great Escape Festival 2016.

We’ve seen the consolidation of the local scene with profiles rising, such as Eden Royals, now signed to Cutmore records. Figures are going from strength to strength since they burst onto the scene last summer at this venue and who have a special announcement to make on July 16th! Queensburys are a major local band with a following to match, who are about to film their debut single video at Traitors Gate on June 18th. These boys are guaranteed for bigger things if they continue on the trajectory they’ve carved for themselves in the last year. All these local bands have seriously good songs, charisma and stage presence!

Another major success was the appearance of VANT in November, which included a visit from Warner music to watch, as they blew everyone away. The crowed also lapped up the unprecedented hospitality (provided in the form of booze and grub) and the abounding opportunities for autographs for the rammed venue punters.

Let’s not forget hooking up with The ZineUK who brought Mourning Birds to the fray with their fierce and formidable garage rock stylings, now themselves looking at deals. In fact they are not the only deal breakers – Blush signed to End of the Trail Records off the back of the label’s scouting showcase at Traitors, which cemented another long-standing relationship with industry that has resulted in the burgeoning grass-roots South by South East Music Collective circuit of venues, promoters, journalists and festival organisers that has big ideas and plans, connecting artists with industry across that region of England and gig swap possibilities with others.

Dead Belles played one of their early shows at Traitors Gate in Autumn 2015, and this (currently) unknown rock band have released their debut EP to a tidal wave of acclaim, raked up over 7k views of their video and make their first festival appearance at The Great Escape this year, also, while last month’s rock show earned Mourning Birds a slot at Mick Jones of The Clash’s Portobello Live Festival, Sons a slot at Camden Rocks and both both bands #TGE16 appearances. You’ve got to be in it (this venue) to win it (the opportunities)

In short, right now is the time to connect with what Golden Cage Media and Traitors Gate are doing next. On June 9th Traitors will be holding the first of a wave of industry focussed events by the South by South East Music Collective which aims to showcase the best emerging talent from the region to our contacts in industry in as many ways as possible – live online, video broadcasting, radio, zines, everywhere. In short, getting involved adds to your EPK (elecdtronic press kit) profile – for those with ambition to match the potential. Grass-roots music venues, promoters and journalists, we are coming together as an alliance to promote the artists we feel industry needs to see and hear. We are the new A&R, providing the scoop on the latest, genuinely emerging, acts.

These pioneering June 2016 events will be showcasing some of the best busking talent from the South East for a range of promoters and festival organisers who are looking for potential acts.

Golden Cage Media will be unveiling information about the collective on site, so if you fancy personal, face to face networking ,then get down to clock in some serious quality time with this scene. Unlike usual industry events you’ve been invited to lately, this one is free – no early bird tickets, registration, delegate lanyards or guest list, just raw inter-action because everybody in the building is a Very Important Person.

Don’t miss the SXSE Music Collective Launch Party on June 9th At Traitors! Free Entry to all so artists / journo’s  / promo’s / come and make yourself known! from 8pm.


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