This week we have yet another jaw-dropping line up of amazing fresh live talent coming your way! Those of you who were there to witness the awesome sound of @the_victories and the uber-smooth Adam Sinclair at Traitors on Saturday, not to mention the Essex legend that is Steve Hooker on Friday, will be able to lay testament to the ever-growing reputation of Traitors Gate pub as the de-facto in local, if not regional music venues, bringing you some of the finest local and national talent around(international acts coming soon too!).

If you’d like to see for yourself from the comfort of your device -please feel free to go watch all our videos on the Traitors Gate playlist to see examples of all the top quality acts we have had on recently, including signed artists from around the county and country:

Now we have established Traitors as the place to be, let’s see what greatness we have on for this weekend and indeed this month at Traitors!

Friday see’s the return of Traitors Rocks with Jack Simmon’s bringing together some of the best rock artists from the locale – always a good night packed with great music, good people and complimented by superb craft beers with names referencing rock classics like Young American and Back in Black! Quality!

Saturday night brings us more local and regional talent in the form of the folk-tastic Tall Tree Tales, who are simply one of the best bands you will see locally this year – guaranteed! A great mix of folk, rock and acoustic vibes and a really great repertoire of well-crafted songs with great lyrics and catchy hooks!
Supporting these guys will be some of the best local singer songwriters we have in Thurrock – namely Holly Hannigan, who WILL astound you with her simply amazing voice, again guaranteed to impress! And Paul J Williams, who has one of the freshest takes on contemporary blues I’ve heard in a long while – again hailing from these here Thurrock shores! You are simple spoilt for choice at Traitors in every way – not only are all these acts on the same bill but the gig is free entry to everyone – as are all events at Traitors – which is why we are the champions of new music in a way that only we can.



Culminating all of this, let’s also not forget the game-changing, monumental gig that is the First Stop Festival – coming at the end of this month on Easter weekend – Saturday March 26th!! Put it in your diary NOW! You really do not want to miss this line-up of the finest emerging talent that has emerged from Essex in recent times – here’s the low-down:

Wax Colour – amazing new band from Chelmsford with some really catchy cool tracks – we caught them for a gig a few months back and were massively impressed!

Different People – brilliant local indie band, recently signed to @backwaterchns    – again great songs and a really great stage presence! You will most definitely enjoy this!

Muertos – from Billericay, this band first caught my attention via a recommendation from a trusted friend and his taste is still on the pulse as these guys really are destined for something big- when you see and hear them you will know instantly what I mean!

Tall Tree Tales – as mentioned before, these guys are superb! Which is why we want them back as much as possible!!! @tall_tree_tales

Scarlet Echo  – If you missed these guys playing last November at Traitors you missed a jaw-dropping, electrifying performance – which is what has got them their reputation! If you haven’t heard of these guys yet – shame on you! SHAME – ON – YOU!! Come see them to redeem yourself!

Eden Royals – This band needs very little introduction – suffice to say they are one of the best bands I have seen come out of Essex in recent times! They just signed a deal with Cutmore Records and have launched into promo mode  – expect to see these guys appearing on all the majorly cool festivals this summer! You heard it here first!

Nova Twins – Finally the band I have been trying desperately to get on at Traitors, due to their meteoric rise on the London under-scene recently, proving to everyone that this band will be doing some big things this year for sure – again, you can expect to be reading more and more about this uber-cool, totally original band – that one of which just so happens to come from our locale here in Grays/Thurrock! You will be seeing these guys here for FREE but I guarantee you will be paying to watch them somewhere much bigger in the not-too-distant future! For now – Welcome to the Future!




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