Local Artists Take Over Pub – Welcome – To The Traitors Tate!

I totally agree Ben – culture is always alive and well, we juts need to shine a light in the right places and give it a forum as you are doing in the heart of Essex!

Traitors Gate Pub, Grays Essex

Welcome to The Traitors Tate! We are often told by the media how the pub is an essential part of our culture here in the windswept British isles – but what exactly does that mean? Also if this is the case why are so many pubs closing week after week? Do we no longer see pubs as part of our culture or is it simply that culture has moved on & many pubs reflect a long forgotten culture based somewhere in the mid 1970’s?

Culture is alive & well in the UK & Thurrock is no exception, we have a plethora of local Artists & Performers right here on our doorstep. This week with the help of local artist Steve Lawes & the local arts group he belongs to – The Thurrock Arts CollectiveThe Traitors Gate has been transformed into The Traitors Tate!

To celebrate The Thurrock Arts Collective

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