Last Stop Festival @TraitorsGatePub sets the standard with an electrifying night of the best original music in the area!


Saturday 19th September 2015 saw the very first Last Stop Festival at Traitors Gate, proving once and for all that the newly improved music venue is now the de-facto standard for live original music in the area! Four of the best local original acts drew crowds from all over Essex on Saturday night, packing the venue to capacity, with some fans having to queue at the door to get in!

The seminal line-up listed Queensburys, Eden Royals, Figures and Chris Marsh (of The Victories) with every act in their element performing to the full house. The venue was so busy they nearly ran out of change in the tills and the crowd spilled out into the beer garden to get fresh air and make the most of one of the last summer nights of the year!

The atmosphere was electric all night long and each band played to the max. Chris Marsh of The Victories was first up and though it was a solo performance his distinctive tones and sweet guitar tricks drew the audience close to the edge of the newly built stage, installed just over one week ago for the Savage Nomads‘ landmark gig. Figures followed and never fail to impress with their scintillating guitar sounds, pumping bass riffs and creatively articulate beats to boot. The energy of all acts was formidable and Eden Royals more than held their own with their fresh and energising brand of tropical indie – seriously impressive and relentlessly compelling from start to end!

The sense of anticipation and for Queensburys was intense but it was more than worth the wait to see them come on stage for the literal climax of the evening – the crowd in front of the stage showing their full appreciation for the band, who I doubt couldn’t do a bad show if they tried. Every song has been immaculately crafted and it would be no surprise they too are on the brink of something big –  and when that happens all those there on Saturday and the events coming up will remember these days when they went to Traitors Gate to see the best local live original music for FREE on the weekend!

If you weren’t there on Saturday I suggest you take yourself over to the Live Music at Traitors Gate Facebook page to take a look at the photos and see for yourself how great the night was! And if you want to come watch and listen too, which I seriously urge you to do, then take note of the Traitors Gate events page and come down to one of the great gigs we’ve got lined up for there Autumn! – Next Stop – Friday 25th September, for Miss BB who has been wowing audiences all over London with her raucous rock-a-billy rock and roll tunes, supported by local emerging blues talent Paul Woodley, who’s local following is also rapidly rising alongside his reputation as a singer songwriter with finesse and a unique sound!

I sincerely hope you can make it down to this Friday to catch the one and only Miss BB and if not then the next available date in your diary! The double-phenomenon that is Traitors Gate as a pioneering live music venue and the sheer weight of talent coming out of the area is truly something worth experiencing!

In other news London venues such as The Amersham Arms and cutting edge cultural commentators ‘The Zine UK‘ have been taking note and work is starting on a Springtime festival across the South East of England to celebrate all these great new artists from the region – not to mention the work of the promoters and small venues who work tirelessly to find the best breaking artists and innovative ways to grow the audiences to the levels we saw this Saturday!

There are some really great events coming up at The Amersham Arms this week and Traitors Gate have been given a limited guest list for this Thursday for the Art Beat event featuring the Nova Twins who are destined for bigger things – message me for details on here or on the Facebook page for Golden Cage Media.

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